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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 4, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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to the 4 on 2. >> the rocky fire still burning largely out of control seven days after it started. >> let's get straight there live in lake county. bring us the latest. >> reporter: this has been the calm after the fire storm. now, today is a different day from the past six days where there have been high temperatures and low humidity which has led to explosive fire growth. 20,000 acres in just five hours on friday. finally today the weather has been cooperating. the area has been much cooler today. the weather has been much cooler today, 20 plus degrees cooler than it has been and humid. there's been cloud cover all day, that's caused the fire to settle down immensely. driving down the fire lines on highway 20, we never saw any flames. this appeared to be the mopping up phase. it gave crews the chance to get in on the lines and make some
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headway. this 65,000-acre rocky fire is hard from being contained. the community of spring valley, though it has survived so far, is still in harm's way after the fire jumped highway 20 yesterday. >> i was devastated because i know the outlay of the valley, and there's vegetation all the way except for a few spots. and we have a lot of vegetation around our place. >> the winds are shifting because of the topography. all those take part in a piece of the puzzle of why this fire is capable of growing so quickly. >> reporter: middletown high school continues serve as one of one of two evacuation centers. 13,000 people have been evacuated. >> sometimes we hear people have family members or friends, places to go to. in this case, as you mentioned,
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that evacuation center is filling up. school is just around the corner. that's supposed to start, correct? >> reporter: yeah. school was supposed to start next tuesday, the 11th. that has been pushed back one week because of the fact that they have the evacuation center going on there. i want to point that there are only a couple dozen people staying at the evacuation center. >> john, real quick, two quick ones. are you seeing any residents that are refusing to leave, you know, refusing the orders from deputies? also you briefly talked about the weather out there. late afternoon things can change. are fire officials expecting the weather to change from here on out? >> reporter: as far as people not getting out, we have heard stories of that. we haven't seen it ourselves, but we have heard people are staying put. and as far as the weather changing, i'll tell you, just literally in the past 10 minutes or so, the sun has broken out. the clouds are really thinning
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out a little bit. it is warming up quite a bit out here. the flames will kick up a bit, hopefully not too much, though. >> the estimated containment date remains at august 10th. we're still talking about 12% containment. that's the same number from yesterday, and the fire has grown a little bit. >> reporter: it is still very much an active scene here. we saw firefighters all around this area. there were firefighters across the street from us. there are plenty of areas where this could take off once again. >> john live there in lake county. thanks, john. taking a look at the other major stories we are following in the bay area, a deadly shooting in a quiet hayward neighborhood this morning took the life of a 17-year-old boy. the teen and his female friend were walking through the area when a group approached them. someone in that group shot the teenager. his name has not been released. the description of the gunman is vague, but police say they
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saw the group leave the area in a silver suv. a fundraiser is being held right now for a fallen hayward police sergeant. the 48-year-old was shot and killed on july 22nd. he was laid to rest thursday. members of the fallen hero have teamed up with famous dave's barbecue to host the event. all the money raised will go to the lunger family through the hayward police officer's association. >> you see how much support they have. this is his other family. you know, we just trying to do what we can to help. >> the event is going on now. it includes door prizes, raffle items, and a live auction. donations are also being accepted. that fundraiser is scheduled to wrap up around 10:00 p.m. tonight. the stage is set for the first republican presidential debate. within the last hour, fox news announced which candidates made
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the top 10 earning a spot in thursday's prime time debate. you have donald trump. he, of course, scored the top spot. at the bottom, new jersey governor chris christy. not making the top 10 former texas governor rick perry. the candidates hope to use thursday's debate to stand out in that very crowded field. >> reporter: the top tier republican contenders jockey for center stage at the first primary debate in cleveland. ahead of the main event, a warm up round in new hampshire monday night where candidates sharpened their pitches from immigration to foreign policy. >> you'll have a different person to deal with. >> reporter: and a subject top of mind for voters -- the economy. >> my number one priority is to get us on a road map to a balanced federal budget to create jobs in america.
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>> reporter: americans are are increasingly taking notice of the current leader of the gop pack -- donald trump dismissing the forum but embracing a surge in poll numbers, including a new fox poll that has him with a double digit lead. >> i'll never stop fighting to protect the ability and right of every woman in this country to make her own health decisions. >> reporter: troubling signs for democratic front runner hillary clinton with the latest fox poll showing her support slipping with primary voters compared to last month. clinton is losing ground with a key demo -- white women. >> i would argue that, you know, biden, i mean, talk about a wide avenue for him to walk up into and capitalize on. >> reporter: the whispers of another joe biden bid for the white house are getting louder. his brother even weighing in
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saying, quote, go, joe, go. the two sheriff deputies being called heros spoke out about their actions. the split second decision they made to save a man about to be hit by a train. outside our doors this afternoon, cooler, clouder, isolated showers falling over the bay area. what you can expect for tomorrow coming up. right now, the story of a 5- year-old girl. she climbed barefoot up a steep hill after her family's suv plunged down that 40-foot enbankment. how she got help for her mom and baby brother and the help that family still needs. if you're at work right now streaming us live and you have to head out to the east shore, here's what you're going to face heading home. bumper to bumper on interstate 80. time now is 4:07. you're watching the four on 2.
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it's tech tuesday. back with us is ryan eldridge. today we are talking about how to save money on stuff you're already buying. you're going to buy it anyway. >> in the bay area, it's kind of an investment when you go out and shop. you have to get a car and there's parking. we do all of our shopping online, but there's all kinds of ways to save money going the brick and mortar road. >> the first website is retail
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me not. i've used it when looking for the online coupons. >> before you buy anything online, look for discounts. a lot of times you'll find discounts on your whole purchase or free shipping. but it's something you can use when you're in the store shopping. when you use it on your smart phone, you can scan different items in the store and get special discounts. retail me not will give you percentages off on items in the store. they'll tell you if there's a special in women's clothing and you can rush over there and get all kinds of discounts. >> it's easy to use, and it's almost guaranteed you'll get some sort of percentage off. >> you want to use it as a precursor to your shopping trip. for example, if target has a better deal than wal-mart, you can skip wal-mart and go to target. >> the next one we have, >> reporter: no,
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>> they're a resaler of gift cards. you get a big stack of cards. you can resell them to this website or go there and buy them at a discount. certain stores it kind of depends on the popularity. target you get 30% off. if you go to pac-sun, you can get up to 30% off by buying one of these loyalty gift cards. >> if it's a $50 gift card, you might get it for $35-$45. >> they verify the balances before you sell them. if you go to ebay, you can get a deeper discount but who knows what you're going to get. >> if i got a macy's gift card, how much can you get? >> 5-30% off most times. >> that's still something. our next one we have the loyalty app for whatever store
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you might like to go to on a regular basis. >> we don't always think about the other places we go like famous footwear and target. target recently gave up to 50% off on outdoor summer toys and swim wear and for back to school, they're giving special discounts. consider looking into your favorite retailer. >> if i go to and find the app on the app store? >> take a look and see what they've got. just search by the name of the store you like to go to. >> loyalty ap ps. last one, shop kick. >> this one is kind of fun. it game fews the idea of shopping. you turn it on before you walk in the store. it will recognize that you're in the store and give you extra points. then it will call out certain sales and promotions happening around the store. if you scan certain items with
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your camera phone while you're in the store, you can get even more points. you can use these points toward gas, starbucks gift cards, travel rewards, all kinds of cool stuff. >> that sounds similar to plenti? >> it's very similar. they are thousand s of retailers. it's called shop kick, and you get kicks. i think that's kind of cool. >> ryan eldridge, co-founder of nerds on call. all good tips. ryan, great tips. appreciate it. this is sky fox up top over head the rocky fire there now burning in three counties. this thing is being founded by four air tankers, 19 helicopters topping the retardant, dropping the water on this fire. not a lot of growth rows today, but still just 12% contained. john was out there live at the
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top of the newscast. not too windy, but the temperature he noticed was going up. this is the 4:00 o'clock hour. >> as soon as the sun breaks through those clouds. it's definitely cooler out there today. we're talking 70s right now. over the last few days, the weather has been improving steadily as we moved through today. today is going to be the coolest day. we had the cloud cover and some tropical moisture pulling in. today weather wise about as good as it's going to get. we have a warm upcoming back to the bay area starting tomorrow, but when it comes to the rocky fire, low 70s, relative humidity about 29%. temperatures will continue to cool off, relative humidity will continue to come up, and hopefully firefighters will be able to gain some ground. weather wise, today is one of
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the better days. we have 73 in napa, 73 sfo, these numbers are down several degrees for some of us by 8- 9:00. today as expected going to be the coolest day. the winds continue on shore at about 30 miles an hour through fairfield, the gusts at least. concord, concord, 15. napa, 10. we started out with low clouds this morning. mid and high level clouds streaming overhead. if i back up and show you the ray, even sprinkles are reported over the bay area. along the east bay shoreline down into the south bay, most folks reporting at least a sprinkle, a brief shower. that's what we had early on. here's a look at the system that brought us the instability. as i pull back, i'll show you
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this extensive plume of moisture that stretches all the way back. i'll move to this side. stretches all the way back to tropical storm guillermo. we get a second chance at the possibility of maybe a few sprinkles coming our way on thursday so we'll be tracking that for you. as we get into this evening and overnight hours, temperatures will continue to cool. oakland, 61 degrees. 59 in redwood city. 60 degrees expected for liver livermore. end of the south bay, 80s san jose. nice and mild along the peninsula. warm in santa cruz. the extended forecast the warm
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upstarts on wednesday. it continues on thursday, but it doesn't last too long. temperatures falling back once again as we get into your bay area weekend. coming up after the break, the car crash left a man trapped. he was right there on the tracks. the dramatic rescue by two nearby officers, all of it caught on video. limiting nuclear capabilities and today in the four by four, a deeper look at the role of nuclear weapons.
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divorce you can see this was the moment when that deputy pulled the man to safety. in the last hour, that deputy spoke about just what happened. >> i can't say why i did it or why someone else wouldn't do it. at that point, it's just instincts kick in. you don't have time to analyze the situation, think about the risks or the benefits of either way of your actions. at that point, instincts kicked in. i was there, and i knew that my job working law enforcement is to preserve life, and that's what i did. >> certainly a job well done there. ktvu was at the scene this morning, and we have more on the deputy's dramatic rescue. >> reporter: you can hear the horn blaring and in the distance you can see the driver of the car.
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seconds later, the oncoming car smashing into his vehicle that was on the tracks. >> it just kind of happened. your job kicks in and you try to do everything you can. >> reporter: the deputies are responsible for this incredible rescue. last night at 6:30, the two were on their way to a call when they heard the crash ahead of them. the car had collided into a pole and crossing gate. the driver was stuck in his car on the tracks. >> deputy rapel saw the vehicle had major damage to the front end, the air bag had been deployed, and the driver appeared impaired. >> reporter: an oncoming train was roaring down the tracks. >> i saw the train down there, and i knew i had at least a short time to deal with the
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driver in the car. at that point, i had to try to stop the train be it the radio for running down the tracks. >> reporter: the driver was later arrested for driving under the influence. his life spared by the actions of two men who are being hailed as heros. >> these deputies did not hesitate. had they not acted, who knows what would have happened. i believe because of their actions this person is alive today. >> reporter: cal-train says besides saving the man in yesterday's crash, deputies are also responsible for preventing 40 people who had suicidal thoughts from taking their own lives on the tracks in the last year. >> and that driver has been identified as 20-year-old nelson gomez. police say he may have been involved in a second crash monday night. he is facing charges of doning driving, hit and run, driving without a license, and also violating probation.
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children suffering from chronic illness are getting a financial boost from the super bowl 50 fund. today 50 found, the legacy fund for the super bowl 50 host committee announced its newest play maker -- coach art. the program offers children ages 6-12 a chance to play baseball, learn dance, and art. it's powerful to see the program boost a child's self- esteem. >> what i love most about the work is how much it really impacts not just the child but the entire family and how it improves their lives. >> each player maker receives a $20,000 grant to continue work in the community. reducing iran's nuclear capabilities. as it pushes for congressional approval, we're marking 70 years since america used its own nuclear weapon.
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it's been 70 years since the u.s. dropped anatomic bomb on the japanese city of hiroshima. the discussion about nuclear weapons continues as american leaders broker a deal with iran. that deal would limit iran's
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nuclear abilities in exchange for lifting economic sanctions. >> we're taking four minutes at 4:00 o'clock to examine the role nuclear weapons played then and now. aimed at finding new ways to eliminate the threat of nuclear weapons. thanks for coming in. >> in square along with other tech leaders, you all met yesterday in san francisco. let's talk about this initiative when it comes to nuclear security. >> it was started about a year ago as a two-year pilot. our job is three-fold. it's to reinvigorate the conservation in the public. the second to identify entrepreneurs and other innovators who can come back to this issue bringing the technologies and inventions working on elsewhere and apply them to nuclear security. the third is that we provide seed funding for some of the most promising ideas that come out of that.
4:29 pm
yesterday we met with a group of technology leaders. we were joined also by one of the remaining survivors of the hiroshima bombing. we have an impulse to look backward at the 70-year history of nuclear weapons and the complex relationship, as you said, that we have with nuclear weapons and the pain and suffering that has been brought about by that technological innovation, if we can call it that. we can look forward at how artificial intelligence is used in the future. we can't forget to look where we are in the present. we have 16,000 nuclear weapons today aimed at heavily populated targets all around the world. >> let's talk about the present because iran and the nuclear deal has been in the news. it's really designed to curb
4:30 pm
iran's nuclear program. congress is set to decide and vote on whether or not to go forward with this sometime in mid-september. do you think congress should go forward with the deal? >> what's most important to say is that it's a perfect opportunity to innovate because that whole deal hinges on our da passe to make sense of what's happening on the ground in places like iran or north korea and for us to verify that an agreement with iran is actually being honored. in fact, to dispel some of the rumors about what's happening on the ground. so we have lots of technology innovators here in the bay area who are using small satellites and geo-spatial analysis, data scientists working on how to make sense of millions of pieces of information in multiple languages being generated every second so we can really get a good picture of what's happening on the ground. that's our job with this
4:31 pm
initiative. it's to make sure any agreement with verified. >> we know politicians are talking about nuclear security, we're talking about it, you mentioned it earlier about the public, the general every day person. is that person engaged in this conversation? do they understand why it's important? >> certainly people born out of the cold war have very little understanding of this issue. we're finding many people have storied to tell about some relationship to the issue. my father worked for the international atomic agency. people will tell us they have memories of being in bomb shelters, so their parents were in bomb shelters. the truth is that for the language for most people about nuclear security is arcane. the issues are complex. >> it happened way back then. >> people feel it's a government job to take care of it. we can really break it down to
4:32 pm
tractable problems that individuals and innovators and entrepreneurs can help us get progress on. >> how do you protect yourself against the enemy? 70 years seems like a long time ago, but why not have the nuclear weapon just in case to protect our country here? you talked about some of the solutions, but is there one specific solution that you would recommend? >> i think we can see one of the reasons we still have these weapons is that people have long argued that there isn't a way to put the genie back in the bottle. there are many ways to get to a future free from the threat of these weapons ever being used again. we can all agree that if we have these weapons, we should find ways to make ourselves safer and more secure with them in the world and with the decaying arsenal with the
4:33 pm
threat of global terrorism, there are all sorts of relatively small incremental improvements we could make that would make us safer from the threat that these weapons are going to be used. >> how does talk and discussions like yesterday's round table, how does that become action? look what's happening now. there's clearly two different sides. how does it become action? how does what you're doing and the other companies and other entrepreneurs -- >> plant the seed and let it grow? >> there was a long time where people thought the congress and big government actors would never take any kind of chance on or invest in climate change and would never take that seriously. i think we've forgotten we have another issue which's the same kind of global humanitarian size as climate change, and it's facing us every day. but we've put it behind us. we pretend it's not happening.
4:34 pm
it may well be that it's silicon valley entrepreneurs and the investors looking for ways to make big change happen over the course of our lifetime who are looking at new forms of return on investment who are actually going to turn the tide on this issue rather than waiting for congress to do it for us. >> we'll see what congress will do come next month in washington. erika gregory, thanks for coming in. >> thank you very much for having me. the housing crisis in san francisco is now headed to ballot box. we are breaking down the mission moratorium. cloudier skies overhead. cooler temperatures around the bay area this afternoon, and isolated showers spreading across the bay as well. how much longer this pattern is going to last coming up. >> the traffic in lafayette on
4:35 pm
24 at least eastbound toward walnut creek pretty sluggish as the evening commute gets under way.
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san francisco's mission district is a battleground over housing, new construction, and evictions. the traditionally working class has been caught in the cross
4:38 pm
hairs of prosperity before. you might recall the issue coming up during the dot com boom. they say it's a crisis, and they want new luxury construction to stop. they've gathered enough signatures to put on the november ballot. joining us now to talk about the mission moratorium facing voters this fall roberto hernandez. tell me a personal story. tell me why our viewers should care about this moratorium. why is this so crucial to the city? while you respond to this, i want to put up a map for folks who may not know that specific neighborhood. >> 10,000 people have been pushed out of the mission district. i was born and raised there. it's a beautiful community. 10,000 people pushed out. you have 8000 of those who are
4:39 pm
latinos. we have a house that just sold on brine street for $2 million. on valencia street, the rent for a two-bedroom condo that's new construction is $11,000 a month. who can afford that? and when you look at the eviction rates, when you look at the fact that the city has failed to build affordable housing in the mission district for the past 15 years, we are saying enough is enough. we need to put a pause, a timeout on all this new development because we have 19 developers wanting to develop in the mission. what we're saying is that we need to basically look at how can we work with the city and the community to build affordable housing in the mission to preserve it? as well as the rest of the city because we have so many people being evicted. >> mayor lee has been out there. he doesn't want this exodus of
4:40 pm
san francisco. if i'm a san francisco resident, $250 million bond that is supposed to be directed toward building affordable housing and i'm looking at the bond measure, i'm looking at the moratorium. why not vote for the bond measure? >> no. we need the bond measure. >> you want that money, right? >> that bond measure, just increased $310 because $250 wasn't enough. we're saying it should be $500 million realistically. you need to vote for both. so when we vote for the moratorium, we have the funding to construct. we're working with the mayor to buy land. >> because it's a gold mind down there. >> there's hardly any land left in the mission. i think during those 18 months that we're calling for a timeout, we can get the land and put a plan together to actually construct and build. >> so not everyone is for the
4:41 pm
plan. supervisor mark farrow says everyone needs new house ing in the city. >> we haven't been producing enough housing for years. we need to produce more housing at all income levels if we're going to continue to make san francisco more affordable. >> this is not an anti-eviction policy. nobody going through an eviction is going to get ooh lawyer because the moratorium passes. this is a land grab. >> that woman there is saying it's a land grab. supervisor farrow saying everyone needs new housing, not just those in the latino community in the mission district, that middle-class folks who may not be able to afford the $200 million home but make too much money to qualify for affordable housing. what about everybody in san francisco? >> it's across the city that this is happening, but one of the things that we're working
4:42 pm
toward is to preserve the heart, soul, and the spirit. >> the character of that neighborhood. >> if you wipe out the latinos, look at what's happening to the african american community. it's knocked down to 3%. there's no plan. the city doesn't have a concrete plan to be able to preserve the mission, china town, western edition, the bay view, and all the communities. >> real quick. if you get the moratorium, does it stop the evictions? >> in part, it will. because what happens is that every time a new development comes up where you're selling luxury condos for $2 million or renting them out for $11,000 a month, the property owners around that see that they can get more money for rent. so what they do is evict people so they can cash in on this gold mine that you're talking
4:43 pm
about. >> roberto hernandez. thanks for coming in. >> proposition night, vote yes. thank you. let's check back in on the rocky fire. this is happening now in lake county, also two other counties yolo and calusa as well. it's now at 65,000 acres. the highest yesterday was 62,000. 12% contained. we're still at that 12% containment. let's talk about weather. today ease been the best day for them, but they're dealing with so many other issues besides the weather. >> this cooling began over the weekend, this trend that we are now in. today definitely the best day. relative humidity is up even over yesterday, almost double. yesterday temperatures in that area mid to upper 80s.
4:44 pm
the winds not too bad. they are picking up a little bit. today definitely the best day weather wise, and they still have their hands full. it's not just the weather, although weather is definitely a huge factor. it's the draught. it's the tinder dry conditions. >> let's bring in daniel with cal-fire, the spokesman there. daniel, we talked to you yesterday. what can you tell us about the fight happening on this rocky fire? >> we're absolutely taking advantage of the cooler temperatures and the higher humidity, really getting in there and building a good containment line around the fire. the weather is helping us, but it wasn't the weather that fanned the fire. it was the dry conditions. the brush and the trees are tinder dry. that's why we saw such an explosive rate of spread in this fire in the first several days and over the weekend. today things looking a lot
4:45 pm
better. cooler temperatures, higher humidity, and light rain working in our favor giving us the window we need to build containment around the fire. >> of course a few more days of this type of weather would be absolutely fabulous. as you know, we have warmer weather coming our way as early as tomorrow. any concerns about that? >> with the temperatures going up even the possibility of maybe a little bit more wind, that's going to continue to challenge us. this window is short. this window is small, and we don't want people to be complacent that because a lot of the smoke is not in the air that this fire is done. there's still a lot of vegetation to burn and there's still a lot of work for us ahead. today is definitely a good day. but like you said, we still have several more days of work ahead of us. >> looking at the numbers here. more than 3000 fire personnel out there. how are they dealing? are they able to get their rest? >> we're on day six of this
4:46 pm
fire, but really this is a fire season that's lasted since january. fire season last year never really ended. we are working to make sure our crews are getting rest. many of the firefighters battling the fire came from other fires. we got containment on other fires and redispatched and reassigned those resources. many have been on the front lines for several weeks. but again, the safety of our firefighters is paramount. we want to make sure they're getting the rest they need. we have a long fire season ahead of us so our endurance has to remain up and we have to continue to work strong but make sure we are giving as much time as we can to get a little bit of a break. the cool er temperatures are are much easier for us to work in. thank >> thank you, daniel.
4:47 pm
i live more inland closer to walnut creek, and it didn't really feel warm today. >> i was in kensington and there was a brief shower. a mix of blue sky and just a strip there of cloud cover. wow. picture perfect there. we have seen the clouds move through. they out just a little bit more, came along, and continued to stay over the bay area. even over the fire today we had a little bit of shower activity. giving a look here in and around lake county and the fire area, the winds will continue as we get into the evening hours. they will begin to lighten up a little bit. gusting 10-20 miles an hour generally coming from a westerly direction so that means that the smoke will continue to move to the east. as we know, the winds in that area very erratic. take a look at storm tracker 2. i have had facebook and twitter coming my way anywhere from the
4:48 pm
peninsula, the east bay, pleasant hill in portions of the south bay and over north bay with that rain. just a few sprinkles. some folks saying 1-2 drops. some saying a brief shower or two as we look here in areas around the lake county area. you can see we have some moisture here as well. as we get into the evening hours, there will still be a slight chance of scattered showers. this disturbance moving over the bay area bringing us this unstable weather is tapping into the moisture from tropical storm guillermo. if you know somebody heading this way or heading this way for the week ahead, it's going to ride just north of the hawaiian islands. it was a lot closer. you still have the possibility of the high surf, the rain, as well as the winds. the good news here is it looks
4:49 pm
like it's not as close to the hawaiian islands. it's going to be north of it. 75 in walnut creek. 75 in nevada. these numbers a lot cooler than where we were yesterday at this hour. tomorrow morning, maybe patchy drizzle, mostly cloudy skies. as we get into the second half of the day, we're mostly sunny away from the coastline. afternoon highs, we have warmer, drier weather moving in for tomorrow and thursday. friday, saturday, sunday they'll be coming back down again. >> thanks. let's head to frank live in the news room with a look at some of the stories we're working on for 5. a couple of deputies in the spotlight today. >> they are some real heros. you've probably seen the video of the cal-train smashing into the car on the tracks. we talked to the two police
4:50 pm
officers who jumped into action and saved the person inside that car. if they had not done that, the person in that car could have been killed. it's a great story and it's coming up in a few minutes. we know the starting lineup for the gop debate coming up. >> late this afternoon we learned the top 10 republican candidates who are going to be allowed to take part in the first gop debate, which is this thursday. they're only allowing the top 10 to be in it, and there are three well-known names who didn't make the cut. two of them have already run for president in the past. >> race for the white house well under way. thank you very much. we'll see you at 5. if the women at your office are always complaining it is too cold, there's probably a scientific reason for it. why most offices are inadvertently uncomfortable for women.
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a look at some of the stories making their way around social media. >> delta and american airlines are joining the band on shipping big game trophies. >> shed light on the role airlines actually play in transporting the game hunters' kill in other countries. >> delta is the latest airline to change its rules. the ban was initiated in april. >> this week air france, singapore airlines will all ban the transport of big game
4:54 pm
trophies. today, hollywood. >> paramount pictures has actually secured the film rights to rousy's best-selling autobiography. she will play the lead role herself. >> is she an actress? >> she can do what she wants. >> my fight, your fight. it focuses on the challenges she faced on her road to becoming a ufc fighter. >> so far there is no date set for shooting. very busy. >> good luck to her. if you're a woman and you're ever been cold at work, there may be a scientific explanation. >> a new study says women are colder than men at work because most office buildings are kept at a temperature comfortable to
4:55 pm
the average man. >> sounds about right. researchers say women produce less body heat than men meaning they're more likely to feel cold at work. most office temperature setings are based on a standard set back in the 60's that only took into account the average metabolic rate of men. i'm always cold. >> and i'm always hot. still to come, strong winds tear down a circus tent killing a father and daughter inside. we're looking into the safety steps the circus may have missed.
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and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child.
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authorities in lancaster, new hampshire identified two people killed yesterday when a circus tent collapsed. a father and his 8-year-old daughter from vermont. there were fierce winds, gusts 60 miles per hour along with hail. this video was shot, it was a witness there at the scene who shot it video. a survivor describes what it was like inside the circhouse the tent and -- circus when the tent and poles gave way. . >> as you can see there is a lot of work going on out on the
4:59 pm
investigation. we had taken some aerial photographs earlier. looked at the scene from above. we could clearly see the path of where the wind came from. >> emergency officials say the injured were taken to four hospitals in the area. they are looking into the condition of the tent and how it was set up. officials say 100 people were inside the tent when it gave way and they did not have the property permits -- proper permits to set up the tents. a tent gave way in chicago that killed one man-and injured a -- man and injured a dozen others. the rocky fire there in the north bay. >> yeah. we have watched the fire north of the bay area grow for a week now. chewing up thousands of acres at a time. finally, finally we are seeing the growth of the fire slow down a bit. we talk with cal fire about the conditions making it possible
5:00 pm
for crews to catch up. >> ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. starts now. >> good evening everyone. i am frank somerville. >> i am heather holmes. the rocky fire spread to three counties and scored 65,000 acres. it destroyed 24 homes and several other outbuildings. i want to give you a live look at the scene from sky fox 2. the good news from cal fire tonight containment is now 12%. >> get a sense of how big the fire is. this is day 7 of the fire fight. it is the best day yet for firefighters. at least as far as the weather is concerned. ktvu's john sasaki is in lake county now. what is the weather like up there today? >> much needed break for fire


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